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West Indian Pentecostals

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This is the first in-depth study to explore the cultural context of the religious experience of West Indian immigrant communities. Whereas most studies to date have focussed on how immigrants settle in their new home contexts, Janice A. McLean-Farrell argues for a more comprehensive perspective that takes into account the importance of religion and the role of both 'home' and the 'host' contexts in shaping immigrant lives in the Diaspora.

West Indian Pentecostals: Living Their Faith in New York and London explores how these three elements (religion, the 'home' and 'host' contexts) influence the ethnic-religious identification processes of generations of West Indian immigrants. Using case studies from the cities of New York and London, the book offers a critical cross-national comparison into the complex and indirect ways the historical, socio-economic, and political realities in Diaspora contribute to both the identification processes and the 'missional' practices of immigrants.

The focus on Pentecostalism in two regions of the world offers a unique opportunity to test existing theories and concepts on the interface of religion and immigration. Janice A. Mclean-Farrell examines how immigrants with a common heritage (West Indian) construct divergent lives in different socio-cultural contexts, and offers ground-breaking contributions to the study of Pentecostalism.

A History Of Modern India, 1480-1950

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A History of Modern India provides a comprehensive chronological analysis of India's vibrant and diverse history. As well as examining the evolution of the relationship between the society and the state in its various economic, social, cultural and political forms, it analyses the major empires in modern India from the Moghuls (1580-1739) to the Raj (1818-1947) and discusses the economic, social and intellectual dynamism that accompanied intervening periods of political fragmentation. Finally, the book considers the difficulties confronting the rise of Indian nationalism and the consequent confrontation between religious communities: what should have been the crowning victory of a pacifist anti-colonial movement was instead brutally resolved with the violence of Partition in 1947.

Private Life Of The Mughals Of India (1526-1803 A.d.)

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The opulent, sometimes scandalous, private lives of the Mughals of India is brought to life in this book. The text covers various aspects of their lifestyles, such as their food and drinks; clothes and ornaments; perfumes and incense; addictions and intoxicants; amusements and pastimes; rituals of circumcision; marriage and harem life. This well-written book with colour illustrations and photographs will be a delight to the lay reader as well as the serious scholar.


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Bollywood Postmodernism India Indian Cinema
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Bollywood Postmodernism India Indian Cinema
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